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Leanne Peard - The Audio Secrets

I hope that you enjoy this podcast, I interview ladies all over the world who share their stories in life and business! Enjoy!


Apr 1, 2019

I possess a curious mind that causes me to write in a wide variety of genres, about a wide variety of subjects.

My non-fiction has appeared in AFAR MagazineBorder CrossingPaste MagazineSlow Travel BerlinThe Writer, and many other outlets, both online and in print.

My first full-length poetry collection, The Scabbard of Her Throat, was selected by Cornelius Eady for publication in the Hilary Tham Capital Collection series of The Word Works. I have a second manuscript that I’m sending out to a select handful of publishers for consideration. I also served as editor for the anthology My Cruel Invention, published in 2015 by Meerkat Press.

Poems I wrote have appeared in 2015 Poet’s MarketBarrow StreetFourteen HillsOxford AmericanPoet Lore, and elsewhere.

I translated several poems by German poets Ulrike Draesner and Joachim Ringelnatz, and a few appeared in AsymptoteConnotation Press, and National Poetry Review, and are forthcoming in The Massachusetts Review. Other translations have been provided for a variety of German small business and consultants.

There are a few works of short fiction making the rounds at several litmags but SHHHHH! — don’t tell my poems.